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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pictures of history from the 70s

I found these superb photos on a forum, I cant really remember the name.. Pictures are great, they are high res., and are probably somewhere from the 70s!

pic 1: John Surtees BRM
pic 1: Chris Amon Ferrari

pic 1: Chris Amon Ferrari V12
pic 2: Jackie Stewart Matra MS80 in full work

pic 1: Team Lotus with their 2 cars. Rindt is the jersey and whit hands in pocket
pic 2: Jochen Rindt Montjuich 1969

pic 1: Graham Hill, team with the Lotus 49B
pic 2: Jack Oliver BRM

pic 1: Jack Brabham Brabham BT 26
pic 2: The M7C Bruce McLaren

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