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Friday, April 11, 2008

Pictures of Williams from1986 to 1993; Part 2

Second part of these Williams thread. The most memorable pic here is the one NigeCorrectel Mansell giving a lift to Ayrton Senna after his F1 car ran out of gas :D. There are also a few shots of Schumacher in his early age in F1. All ready at the beginning he was challenging the best drivers. On the last picture is Daimon Hill and his maiden entrance into F1

pic 1: Riccardo Patrese Helment Williams

pic 1: Canon Williams Honda Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and the whole team 1986
pic 2: Alain Prost Williams and Michael Schumacher Benetton Renault

pic 1: Canon Williams Honda Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet 1986
pic 2: Ayrton Senna Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher

pic 1: Alain Prost Williams Celibrating Victory and the Championship
pic 2: Nelson Piquet Williams 1986

pic 1: Nigel Mansel and Ayrton Senna on his F1
pic 2: Jean Louis Schlesser Williams 1998

pic 1: Thierry Boutsen Williams 1990
pic 2: Damon Hill Williams F1 1993


Ney Faustini said...

Last pics named as Schlesser are actually Thierry Boutsen.

F1fan said...

Thanks for the heads up here tho!! Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The photo's from Thierry Boutsen are from 1990, not 1988.

F1fan said...

Corrected, thanks!

There are a lot more posts (both news and pictures) so check them out tho! See the labels on the left side up, or better yet use the search option and find stuff you want!!