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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Suzuka 1988

The focus, was on the battle for the World Championship between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in their McLaren-Hondas. At the start Senna stalled his car and was engulfed by the field. Fortunately the start line is on a hill and as the car rolled forward Ayrton was able to bump-start the engine and get going but by then he was down in 14th place and Prost was leading. In order to take the title, Senna needed to win and so he set off to make up for lost ground. It was an impressive drive.

Up at the front Prost led early on but he then came under extreme pressure from Capelli and on the 16th lap the Italian went into the lead. Capelli's hopes of a victory lasted only a few hundred meters before Prost reasserted himself. Three laps later he went out with an electronic failure. By then Senna was second and on lap 28 the Brazilian took the lead and went on to win the race and the World Championship. Prost, troubled by a small gearbox problem, had to settle for second ahead of Boutsen, Berger, Nannini and Riccardo Patrese (Williams). Nakajima delighted the Japanese fans by finishing seventh.

Pictures from Suzuka Japan Grand Prix in 1988!

pic 1: Nigel Mansell in Suzuka 1988
pic 2: Satoru Nakajima in Suzuka 1988

pic 1: Thierry Boutsen in Suzuka 1988
pic 2: Ayrton Senna in Suzuka 1988

pic 1: Gerhard Berger in Suzuka 1988
pic 2: Ivan Capelli in Suzuka 1988

pic 1: Mauricio Gugelmin in Suzuka 1988
pic 2: Riccardo Patrese in Suzuka 1988

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