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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some historical pictures of F1 cars

Not all photos can be added in the certan timezone or group so I decided to make a mixed pictures post. I dont exacly know the names of all the drivers and teams, so if you know please leave a comment (no registration required)! You can of course leave a comment if you love my blog and/or post :D

pic 1: spa

pic 1: Niki Lauda
pic 2: Ronnie Peterson

pic 1: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost
pic 2:

pic 1:
pic 2: Michael Schumacher and Jaque Villeneuve 1997 at Jerez, Spain

pic 1: Mario Andretti.jpg
pic 2:

pic 1: Nelson Piquet.jpg
pic 2: Alain Prost.jpg

pic 1: Ayrton Senna
pic 2: Gilles Villeneuve

pic 1: Start of English GP in Silverstone 1978
pic 2: Clay Regazzoni wallpaper


Anonymous said...

The photo u have titled senna/prost is wrong, the driver is nigel mancell with senna on the side pod at the british gp in 91. prost drove a ferrari and mancell drove the camel sponsorship car

Car Hire Gatwick Airport said...

Good pics. Is this a real signature that you have? or it's just a retaken picture

F1fan said...

Dont have it :)
Retaken pic..

There are a lot more posts (both news and pictures) so check them out tho! See the labels on the left side up, or better yet use the search option and find stuff you want!!