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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Season 1996

The 1996 Formula One season was the 47th FIA Formula One World Championship season. It commenced on March 10, 1996, and ended on October 13 after sixteen races.

Damon Hill took his World Championship two years after being pipped by a point by Michael Schumacher, making him the only son of a World Champion to win the title himself. Hill who had finished runner-up for the past couple of seasons was not seriously threatened this year, though near the end, teammate and newcomer Jacques Villeneuve mounted a title challenge going into the final race of the season. Wiliams easily locked up the constructors title as well, as there was no other team strong enough to post a consistent challenge throughout the schedule. This was also the beginning of the end of Williams' 1990s dominance, as it was announced that Hill and designer Adrian Newey would depart at the conclusion of the season, with engine manufacturer Renault also leaving after 1997.

Two-time defending drivers' title holder Schumacher had moved to Ferrari and despite numerous reliability problems, they had gradually developed into a front-running team by the end of the season. Defending champion Benetton began their decline towards the middle of the grid, having lost key personnel due to Schumacher's departure, and failed to win a race. Olivier Panis took the only victory of his career at the Monaco Grand Prix.

pic 1: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen in Budapest
pic 2: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen in the garage at Silverstone

pic 1: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen at Albert Park circuit
pic 2: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen at Magny Cours

pic 1: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen at Monza
pic 2: F1 1996 Mika Hakkinen during Australian Grand Prix

pic 1: F1 1996 Jean Alesi with Flavio Briatore during Brazilian GP
pic 2: F1 1996 Damon Hill btwo Williams Renault at Hockenheim

pic 1: F1 1996 JeanAlesi during Spanish GP
pic 2: F1 1996 Jean Alesi driving Benetton Renault at Interlagos

pic 1: F1 1996 Jean Alesi in pits at Barcelona
pic 2: F1 1996 Jean Alesi and Damon Hill on podiumin Brazil

pic 1: F1 1996 Damon Hill in first corner at Monaco
pic 2: F1 1996 Jean Alesi btwo Benetton Renault at Monza

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