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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Seasons 1991 - 1993; Part 3

The last part of the trilogy of 1991 to 1993 seasons!

pic 1: F1 1993 Mika Hakkinen during British Grand Prix
pic 2: F1 1993 Mika Hakkinen prepares for his first race with McLaren team

pic 1: F1 1993 Jean Alesi driving at Magny Cours
pic 2: F1 1993 Jean Alesi on pit stop at Interlagos

pic 1: F1 1993 Ayrton Senna ahead of Michael Schumacher
pic 2: F1 1993 Ayrton Senna at Monte Carlo
pic 3: F1 1993 Luca Badoer holds the record for most Grand Prix without scoring points

pic 1: F1 1993 Ayrton Senna driving McLaren Ford
pic 2: F1 1993 Jean Alesi ahead of bothMcLaren cars

pic 1: F1 1993 Jean Alesiat Spa
pic 2: F1 1993 Michael Schumacher Schumi

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